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axiusSoftware Trailblazes India’s App Development Scene

25 May 2022

Driven, trustworthy, and knowledgeable — here at axiusSoftware, that’s how our clients describe us. With over 28+ years of combined industry experience at leadership level, our team is passionate about helping our clients scale daunting markets and boost their profitability.

Interview of our Co-Founder conducted by The Advertising Review

15 Nov 2021

In a recent interview conducted by The Advertising Review, our Co-Founder, Kiki Li shares her view on how axiusSoftware has faced the challenges and navigated during the pandemic

Contribution from our Co-Founder in Asia Insurance Review-China Region

02 Jul 2021

We are pleased to share the contribution from our Co-Founder, Jayanta Nandy, in Asia Insurance Review, for China Region. Jayanta expresses his view on how Data is an opportunity to create better health insurance

Reasons That Can Provoke Google To Penalize Your Website

14 Apr 2022

Google algorithm is getting updated continuously to make it more interactive, useful and appropriate by eliminating the improper websites from its search result. And thus investing a lot of money on launching a website and digital marketing services don’t always give you the right return – if it doesn’t fit perfectly with the Google’s guideline. At times, … Continue reading “Reasons That Can Provoke Google To Penalize Your Website”

What Prevents Website from Getting Business – 5 Possible Reasons

14 Apr 2022

It’s shocking for business persons to see their website not performing even after investing a big portion of their working capital in web designing services. Is it due to a poor strategy? Is it an issue with the website? Aren’t the customers willing to try such a new platform? There could be literally innumerable questions arising … Continue reading “What Prevents Website from Getting Business – 5 Possible Reasons”

COVID-19 Spurs Digital Transformation in Health Care

14 Apr 2022

The outbreak of COVID-19 is causing tectonic shifts in healthcare industry. With the pandemic crossing one grim milestone after another, leading institutions and public alike are seeking out innovative solutions. As a result of the ongoing emergency caused by the novel coronavirus, people are paying attention towards healthcare and pharmaceutical industries – now more than … Continue reading “COVID-19 Spurs Digital Transformation in Health Care”

Australia Based Company Partners with axiusSoftware to Develop Hearing Aid Mobile APPs

24 Jun 2022

We are pleased to partner with Australia based Digital Consulting Company to develop Hearing Mobile Application(both Android & iOS) Using AI/ML to help people experiencing early signs of hearing loss. The voice calls will be analyzed and amplified based on profiles defined decibels. It will also have the option to suppress background noise automatically. This … Continue reading “Australia Based Company Partners with axiusSoftware to Develop Hearing Aid Mobile APPs”

Large Indonesian Conglomerate Extends Cooperation with axiusSoftware

13 Jun 2022

Our existing client based in Indonesia extends collaboration with axiusSoftware, to design & devlop an e-commerce platform for Customized Products & Customized Services based on different attributes to provide a unique shopping experience for the end customers, such as Customized Furniture, Customized Shoes, Customized Events Planning etc The platform will be developed for both web … Continue reading “Large Indonesian Conglomerate Extends Cooperation with axiusSoftware”

Jayanta Nandy, Co-Founder of axiusSoftware, has been awarded with “International Achievers

18 May 2022

We are pleased to share that Jayanta Kumar Nandy, Co-Founder of axiusSoftware, has been awarded with “International Achievers’ Award 2022” in Recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement & Contribution in Nation Building. The Award is given by Indian Achievers’ Forum

Columbia Based Food Chain Collaborates with axiusSoftware To Drive Future Growth

11 May 2022

With our first Digital Footprints in Latin America, axiusSoftware is pleased to collaborate with Columbia Based Food Chain to Develop On-the-Go Online Ordering Mobile APP for Columbia Market, to Support both Dine-in and Take-away Thru QR Code Scan

Digital Startup Ties-up with axiusSoftware To Ease Access to Information

11 Apr 2022

Digital Startup ties-up with axiusSoftware to design and develop Multi-City Guide Mobile Application for China to make information easily and digitally available in an effective manner. The app will also include Chat and Discussion Forums as well for better communication among the registered members of the APP

Ghana based Startup Selects axiusSoftware To Transform Multi-Services Delivery Platform

28 Mar 2022

axiusSoftware to help to design and develop multi-services end to end delivery platform both in Native iOS and Native Android. The service lines will cover Food, Pharmacy, General Services and Groceries. It will also include integration with hospitals and doctors as part of the platform.

Bhatnagars Real-Estate collaborates with axiusSoftware to digitally transform their business process

17 Feb 2022

Bhatnagars Real Estate, a leading Real Estate Agency based out of Pune, India since 1978 starts its Digital Transformation Journey with an end-to-end customized CRM Application Development along with Analytical Dashboard in order to enhance and the efficiency through automation and to simplify collaboration between different stakeholders

Kargo, a Leading Retail Payments Platform company ties up with axiusSoftware

21 Jan 2022

axiusSoftware entered into a Strategic Partnership with Kargo, a leading Retail Payment Platform company based out of Shanghai, China for developing a Mobility Framework in Retail space

The Embassy of Brazil Selects axiusSoftware

23 Dec 2021

axiusSoftware ( is honored to be selected by Embassy of Brazil, Beijing as their Digital Partner to drive Innovation towards China-Brazil Carbon Neutrality. We would like to thank Embassy of Brazil for keeping the trust and confidence on axiusSoftware.

Mobile APP (PortKey) Developed for Keystone Academy is Live!

22 Nov 2021

We are delighted to announce the go-live of Bilingual Communication Mobile APP(Portkey) for Keystone Academy, Beijing. The APP developed in both iOS and Andriod will not only provide an effective mode of internal communication between the school and community members and provide information on-the-go, but will also help to leverage the brand value. The APP … Continue reading “Mobile APP (PortKey) Developed for Keystone Academy is Live!”

axiusSoftware is now in Beijing!

25 Oct 2021

Establishing the Beijing Branch office is an important step in our growth strategy. We can now serve our customers more effectively and closely.

Turkey Based E-commerce startup partners with axiusSoftware

18 Oct 2021

As we see a rise in Digitalization globally, we are happy to partner with a Turkish based E-commerce company to design and develop a Mobile Based E-commerce Platform, adopting the Unique business model of Group Buying, Social Shopping and Gamification.

Education Start-up Partners with axiusSoftware

15 Sep 2021

axiusSoftware is happy to partner with an Education Startup to Design & Develop a Unique and Effective Vocabulary Learning Mobile APP. The Bi-Lingual APP, to be developed both in iOS & Android, will use mnemonic techniques as well as animations which will help children to remember words quickly. APP will also have a review & … Continue reading “Education Start-up Partners with axiusSoftware”

Ghana Based E-commerce Company Selects axiusSoftware

10 Jul 2021

Ghana, Africa based e-commerce company selected axiusSoftware, to design & develop web application and mobile applications, both in iOS and Android, with the unique concept of e-commerce through gamification

Leading Biotech Company APEIRON Selects axiusSoftware

21 May 2021

axiusSoftware helps a leading biotech company based in Shanghai to re-brand their corporate website in English and Chinese.

Shanghai Based Wine Retail Company Selects axiusSoftware

21 May 2021

axiusSoftware helps FirstCellars, a leading Wine company, based out of Shanghai, to revamp and migrate client’s current bi-lingual e-commerce platform, from Magento 1 to Magento 2 framework

axiusSoftware helps SumenEdu to launch Testing Platform Online

08 May 2021

IELTS & TOEFL ipad application,”苏门雅思托福” designed and developed by axiusSoftware, goes live on apple store. The online application helps TOEFL and IELTS aspirations to give mock test, get experts review and evaluate the scores. Test compromises both Free and Paid test options

axiusSoftware collaborate with SumenEdu, a Beijing Based Startup

21 May 2021

Education startup based in Beijing, Sumen Education partners with axiusSoftware to design and develop the online testing web platform for IELTS & TOEFL. The platform is designed for students who desire to study abroad, with a real-time testing environment. It covers 4 sections of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with automated scoring and online expert … Continue reading “axiusSoftware collaborate with SumenEdu, a Beijing Based Startup”

Leading Logistic & Courier Company Parners with axiusSoftware

29 Apr 2021

Leading logistic & courier company based in Indonesia collaborates with axiusSoftware to become more digitally advanced. axiusSoftware to help transform client’s multi-country operations thru multi-lingual mobile applications to automate the shipping process along with the warehouse management system.

Cyprus Based Real Estate Company Partners with axiusSoftware

17 Feb 2021

Aristo Developers Ltd, a leading real estate development company based in Cyprus, signs an annual agreement with axiusSoftware, to drive digital marketing activities in China. In next 12 months, axiusSoftware will client in social media marketing, Baidu SEO & PPC compaigns, along with online reputation promotion.

Leading B2B Company in Malaysia Partners with axiusSoftware

17 Oct 2020

axiussofiware to help a leading B2B Company based in Malaysia, design and develop an end-to-end Multi-Vendor Drop-Shipping Platform with Marketplace Integration (Lazada & Shopee). Includes Shipping and Payment Gateway Integration, as well!

Sonoma Construction Partners With axiusSoftware to Digitalize the Broker Business

21 May 2020

axiusSoftware to help a 20+ years old construction company, based in Chicago, US, to digitalize their broker business through mobile apps with a customized quotation engine

Wiseasy Group Launches Multi-Lingual Corporate Website

15 Jan 2020

axiusSoftware helps Wiseasy Group, a Leading Global Fintech Solution Provider to Launch their Multi-Lingual Corporate Website

Leading Crypto-currency Company Selects axiusSoftware

25 Jan 2020

axiusSoftware is helping a Leading Company in HongKong to Transform the Process of Buying, Running and Maintaining Mining Rigs

Leading International School in Beijing Selects axiusSoftware

26 Dec 2019

A Leading International School in Beijing Partners with axiusSoftware to Digitally Transform their Communication Eco-system

Entends Partnership with IsCham, China

01 Jan 2018

Post developing the website for ISCHAM, axiusSoftware has now entered into AMC for maintaining their website

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