The market for developing android apps is growing quickly due to the rise in the use of android devices.

It covers approx. 70- 80% of the market. A reputable Android app development company, axiusSoftware prides itself on igniting the technological revolution with fresh concepts and original ideas.

We constantly keep ourselves updated about the growing changes in the android world. Because of this, we are in a good position to consistently, quickly, and effectively address the various needs of our clients. We strive to deliver the most engaging and user-friendly android apps because we believe that mobile apps are a great way to connect with the customer. axiusSoftware has a team of professionals who have years of expertise in developing android mobile apps. We develop unique, fully functional, and easy-to-use android apps with rich UI/UX. Additionally, we are specialists in creating tailored apps for the entire range of Android devices.

Established and Experts Android developers

We confer all our customers with a commendable and professional team of developers. They can handle all your preferences with specifications. Our developers are committed to presenting cloud-ready and valuable apps for Mobile phones, Tablets, and Phablets.

Support and Maintenance

We deliver reliable Android mobile application support & maintenance services to our clients. We report weekly to our clients to inform them of updates on every project. Our customer support team is always available for our clients to listen to and solve their problems

Expert Guidance and Consultation

Android applications have a sizable user base. Also, they have a set of clients’ requirements. We assist companies in integrating their visions with these standards. Our specialists assist you in determining the ideal Android platform and methods for conquering the market.

Captivating and Creative UI/UX design

Android is the most widely used platform. A lot of devices work in it. Designing effective and aesthetically pleasing UI/UX is a skill our team of Android app developers possesses. They give users, regardless of the device or version they are using, a remarkable experience.

Customized Android App Development

Our team of developers has expertise in developing fast, reliable, secure, and scalable android development solutions. Our developers are skilled in creating customized android apps in a variety of sectors for our clients all over the world. We help you develop a unique app for your business that represents your vision and showcases your brand perfectly.

Deployment on Multiple Platforms

Our firm specializes in flawless installation and integration of Android apps. Regardless of the platform you ultimately need to be on, you can get there with the assistance of our skilled android development services.


Many crucial android app development tools are available through Android Studio as follows

    • ADB (android debug bridge)
    • AVD manager
    • ASD (android studio dolphin)

Some dominant features of this studio make it a more engaging IDE for android development.

  • Layout editor
  • Fast emulator
  • APK analyzer
  • Flexible build system
  • Real-time profilers
  • Intelligent code editor

IntelliJ –

One more IDE that has been widely considered is IntelliJ. The best feature of this is it allows users to develop android apps quickly and effortlessly. This tool tries to automate every possible idea. Some important features that separate it from the rest of the IDEs.

  • Functional Diagrams for analysis
  • Constructive search & replace
  • Specific navigation
  • Project-wide re-coding
  • Varieties of accessibility features
  • Language injections

GitHub –

The well-known tool is basically a platform that developers can use to track changes and versions of their code. More useful for public exposure of the business. GitHub’s pricing plans are free plans, team plans, and enterprise plans. It includes many useful features:

  • CI/CD, automated testing
  • Private archive
  • GitHub copilot
  • Team Discussion
  • Issues tracking

Postman –

The best tool for creating APIs (application programming language). It is also a very functional combining tool for team and business work in a virtual workplace. The most notable part of postman are the features follows:

  • Monitoring
  • Variable assist
  • Build-in-libraries
  • Supportive workspaces
  • Mock servers
  • Collection level information
  • Graph-QL support

Charles proxy –

One of the most relevant diagnostic tools that allow the tester to view SSL and HTTP traffic between the app and the internet. The important characteristics are likewise powerful monitoring and debugging.

  • Ajax
  • SSL proxying
  • AMF
  • W3C for HTML, CSS, and RSS
  • Autoconfiguration of browser and system
  • Bandwidth throttling

LeakCanary –

The tool defines plugging memory leaks in android. LeakCanary is a library filled with knowledge about the android framework. It reduces crashes like Out-Of-Memory errors. It is the perfect tool for fixing memory leaks. Important features:

  • Destroy service instance
  • Destroy activity instances
  • Destroy fragment’s view instances
  • Cleared view model instances
The market for developing mobile apps is currently dominated by the Android OS. Globally, there are billions of active android users, and the number is continuously increasing. Its appealing benefits, including broad customer reach, seamless customization, quicker deployment, enhanced scalability, and many more, make it an important platform for businesses. Below are some advantages of the advanced android development solution that can change the interaction of the world with your business:

  • High ROI with lower costs
  • Speedy Deployment
  • Supports a variety of platforms
  • Multitasking benefits, versatility, and extensibility
  • Enhanced security
  • Customization
  • Worthy development
  • Operating system and global market domination

Latest Trend perception:

We want you to understand the current trend in android app development. As we all know to develop creative apps it is very important to identify some modern trends as follows:

  • Expansion of Artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • Surging on-demand apps
  • Introduction of new wearable devices & apps
  • Blockchain technology
  • Chatbots – hike, skype, Siri
  • App security incredibility
  • Smart objects of IoT
  • Extension of cloud services
  • 5G technology
  • Multi-Platform development using flutter

If you are still confused about where to start, we are here to help you with all our services. So just seek your golden opportunities, ask for what you want, and get it.

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