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Streamlined WeChat & Weibo Marketing Services are targeted toward building brand engagement and amping up conversions and sales.

axiusSoftware’s social media experts ideate and execute effective Weibo and WeChat marketing campaigns to help grow your brand.

With most of the world’s social networking platforms banned, the Chinese digital market requires the right expertise regarding WeChat and Weibo Marketing.

With a staggering number of users ( WeChat- over 1.2 billion monthly users and Weibo – over 300 million monthly active users), these two social networking platforms are the hub of online marketing.

axiusSoftware is equipped with a dedicated WeChat and Weibo marketing team. This dedicated group of experts has the know-how and skills to guide your brand towards digital success through these social networking platforms.

Our dedicated WeChat Marketing Services

WeChat Account Management Services

We help your brand make the most of this platform by setting up your account professionally and effectively from the get-go.

From your account set-up and registration to setting up your menu and menu link to WeChat Store, WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Microsite, CRM, Auto FAQ, etc., we ensure that your WeChat is set up and optimized most professionally.

WeChat Content Strategy and Creation

Being a private social networking platform, it is essential to stress unique, original, and engaging content on WeChat. Focusing on integral aspects like your brand’s core customer base, ongoing trends, and brand aesthetics and voice, our experts formulate and execute effective and consistent content that spurs engagement, generates a high reader rate, and focuses on more likes and shares. By creating streamlined strategies, we can make the most out of content within your brand’s budget.

WeChat Moment Ad Campaigns

Unlike Facebook and Instagram ads, WeChat does not showcase more than three ads to a user daily. Our certified experts help your brand set up and manage WeChat Ad Campaigns, keeping key aspects like strategy, creatives, time of the week, audience targeting, keyword targeting, etc., in mind. Focusing mainly on B2C businesses, WeChat ads are only available for select B2B Industries. Our WeChat ad experts can notify you of your eligibility and help guide you through the process.

WeChat KOL Marketing Services

Influencer marketing is the way to go regarding social media marketing. KOLs (key opinion leaders) are specific social media influencers particular to the Chinese market. KOLs greatly influence WeChat users and are trusted more than celebrities. Our dedicated WeChat experts reach out to industry-specific KOLs to boost sales while advertising your brand. KOL marketing is the core of WeChat as well as Weibo marketing. Prioritizing KOL marketing is extremely important. Mainly if you belong to industries like F&B, health, and wellness, skincare, etc.

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Our dedicated Sina Weibo Services

Weibo Official Account Management Services

Brands need to register and set up an official Weibo account before initiating any marketing campaigns. We are Weibo certified organization that sets up your account following the required guidelines.

360 Weibo Marketing Services

From creating targeted banner ads to executing Weibo search engine promotions, Fan Headlines, and Fan Tunnels, our experts use all possible marketing avenues to highlight and promote your brand.

Weibo KOL Marketing Campaigns

Reaching out to industry-specific opinion leaders, our Weibo marketing experts help market your brand while pushing active sales.

Boost your through axiusSoftware’s streamlined Weibo Marketing Campaigns.

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Understanding the difference between Weibo and WeChat

Huge Social Networking platforms with a combined monthly user base of over 1.5 billion, Weibo and WeChat marketing are crucial for brands of all sizes in China. Understanding their intricacies is as important as understanding their differences. A specific idea about these platforms allows you to understand the importance of targeted campaigns for specific social networking platforms. Let’s jump right in.
WeChat Weibo
Can be accessed only through mobile phones Can be accessed through desktops and mobile
Promotes mainly one-to-one connections. Others cannot see posts outside contacts A viewer does have the discretion to view posts from accounts they might not interact with
Geared towards two-way relationships User relationships are asymmetric.
Diverse amount of users, not specific to a particular demographic Used mainly by the younger demographic
Content is specific and more personalized. Has the potential for more viral content generation
Has the potential to develop a more core and loyal following through direct messages and streamlined marketing campaigns Marketing strategies can target a wider and larger audience

Why is axiusSoftware the right WeChat and Weibo Marketing Agency for your Brand?

axiusSoftware has certified experts who understand the intricacies of WeChat and Weibrketing. With the right knowledge and understanding of these platforms, they can ideate and execute effective campaigns focusing on aspects like brand building, conversions, and ROI generation. These are not the only reason to hire us for your brand’s WeChat and Weibo Marketing services.


We help ideate a streamlined marketing plan for your brand’s WeChat and Weibo marketing. This allows your brand to experience returns even on a limited budget. Considering account registration costs and ad budgets, we help offer a package that suits you the best.

Dedicated Account Manager

Having a dedicated account manager establishes a single line of communication between the client and us. This restricts clients from getting overburdened by emails. Your dedicated account manager ensures that all deliverables are on time and everything is on track.

Reports and Analysis

As a client, we enable you to track the progress of your digital campaigns by providing easy-to-follow reports and analyses. Besides this, we also schedule calls at regular intervals to ensure that all your doubts are cleared.

Ownership of Assets

Unlike most digital marketing agencies, we offer complete ownership of assets to our clients. Our clients are allowed to retain ownership of assets even after they are no longer with us.

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WeChat marketing involves the creation of official accounts for brands, businesses, and individuals; once the account is created focus shifts to creating quality content and building up a strong and loyal following organically and through paid ads.

Quality content posted consistently is the key to growth on WeChat. Brands also have to focus on promotions, loyalty programs, and incentives for followers. With over 2.5 billion registered businesses, competition is stiff. It is important to chalk out the right marketing plan.

Several marketing ploys like offering VIP cards to members through the app, promos, and e-coupons. However, consistent quality content and interaction account for a loyal following. Adapting KOL marketing is also an important stepping stone to building a following.

WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly users. Not being on the platform means your business loses out on a huge potential customer base. By developing an innovative marketing strategy, axiusSoftware can build a strong presence for your brand on WeChat.

Several differences have been listed above; however, the main difference that orchestrates most marketing campaigns is that WeChat is a closed network, whereas Weibo is an open network.

Upon installation, certain features are available in English; however, advanced options, analytics, and most user-generated content are in Chinese.

Registering on Weibo without a mainland Chinese phone number is very difficult. You can use your WeChat credentials to register if you have an existing WeChat account.

The easy way to answer this question is that Weibo allows foreign companies to set up and verify accounts. This feature is still not available on Duoyin.

Locations outside China automatically switch to Weibo International; unfortunately, this does not have all the features of Weibo China. It is advised to have access on your phone to have complete access to your Weibo features.


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