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  • Why Choose Axius Software as the Digital Consulting Agency for WeChat Marketing?


As a reputed Enterprise WeChat Agency based out of China, we help clients with WeChat Marketing and related services for smooth execution of your business in China

WeChat, being the most popular social media channel in China, has 1.2+ billion monthly active users and more than 94% coverage for smart phones. WeChat, with no doubt, has become a pool of traffic with millions of people using WeChat for instant communication, networking and online transactions as well. It’s a 360 degree solution. It is important for any brands in China to build the connection channel through WeChat Marketing with Chinese audience. WeChat official account is considered one of the best channels to get closer to Chinese consumers. With WeChat official account, followers will be updated with the latest updates about the brand, promotion campaigns of the products and much more you can think that can be achieved on WeChat official account.

Furnished below are the important steps one can follow

Create WeChat Official Account on Weixin (WeChat) Official Account Platform

There are 4 types of WeChat accounts: WeChat service account, WeChat subscription account, WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Work. Here is the summary of these 4 types of accounts.

  • WeChat service account: It provides companies and organizations powerful business services and user management services to quickly reach and better server the users.
  • WeChat subscription account: It provides not only organizations but also media and individuals a platform to post information, innovating author-reader interaction and content management
  • WeChat mini program: It was officially launched on January 9th, 2018, aiming to empower developers and businesses to revolutionize their services on WeChat with convenient development and excellent user experience.
  • WeChat Work (WeChat Enterprise Account): It’s a professional office management tool to help companies optimize operations and management, offerings a robust suite of free office productivity features.
So in a nutshell, while WeChat service account can be considered primarily for external branding purpose, WeChat subscription account is suitable towards posting contents. WeChat mini program is for businesses for easy development. And WeChat work is for companies/organizations internal use for easy office management. At axiusSoftware, we have worked with different clients to help them setup different types of WeChat Official Account.

Complete the verification process

It will undergo several verification processes such as bank information verification, Legal Representative face ID verification etc. For international company, it is suggested to opt for Bank Information verification as Legal Representative of the international company is usually foreigner, it may create hurdles during the verification process. For Bank Information Verification, mainland Chinese entity business license is required, and a local Bank account information is required to be submitted to WeChat team.

Complete the review call

After the verification process, the account creation request will be assigned to the review team. A call will be received from the review team. The purpose of the call is to verify in person on the authenticity of the information submitted and also to enquire other information about the company.

Setup configuration and menu setup

Once the account is created and verified successfully, our team will help to setup the account configuration, such as to setup the greetings message for following the account, acquire APPID and generate Secret Key for development purpose, and enable other development related settings. At the same time, our team will also help to setup the menu of the account, which is maximum of 3 main menus and 5 sub menus for each main menu.

Why Choose Axius Software as the Digital Consulting Agency for WeChat Marketing?

Enriched experience in China

axiusSoftware has been operating for more than 10 years in China and has helped many companies from different countries, who are willing to establish their digital footprints in China, to setup WeChat Official Account and provide WeChat related solutions and WeChat development services including WeChat e-stores.

Professional bi-lingual team for your project

axiusSoftware local team is fluent in both Chinese & English speaking. This helps to ease the communication hurdles with clients, and at the same time, can also communicate well with the support team from WeChat for any coordination.

Professional technical team to help on WeChat development

axiusSoftware has a highly professional technical team having expertise in WeChat Development, to help on setting up the WeChat Official Account, developing WeChat stores and WeChat mini-programs and so on.

Timely & Quick turn-around time

axiusSoftware assures timely response time to make sure the project to be delivered within desired timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes 3-7 working days to open the account once all information is submitted

1. Chinese entity business license
2. Local bank account information
3. Local SIM card

Yes, WeChat store can be built within WeChat Service Account and WeChat Mini-program. To do so, APPID and secret key needs to be acquired, and other development related settings need to be enabled first to start the WeChat shop development.

300 RMB will be required for opening a WeChat service account. This is the actual cost from WeChat. It is a yearly cost and needs to be renewed every year before expiry date.

Below are the key differences between Service Account & Subscription Account

  • WeChat Subscription account is usually used for regular sharing of information while WeChat Service account is more of a service oriented platform for end clients
  • Access path of WeChat Subscription account is from the subscription folder while WeChat Service account is directly a part of chat conversation
  • With WeChat Subscription account user can push once per day with up to 8 articles in each push while in case of WeChat Service account user can receive 4 pushes per month with up to 8 articles in each push
  • WeChat Subscription account can be used to generate high quality information on a regular/daily basis while WeChat Service account service oriented push notifications like booking information, after-sales service etc

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