Trends in AR and VR

Mar 17 2023 AR

Be it gaming, entertainment, education, healthcare, or retail, AR and VR are rapidly evolving and transforming the entire digital world. AR and VR are being extensively integrated with AI and ML to enhance their capabilities. Let us drive through some of the trends.

  1. Integration of AI in the AR/VR Space – The prospect of leveraging AI methodologies will help to create more immersive and personalized experiences in areas like gesture recognition, training and simulation, and others.
  2. Increase in AR Avatars – The rising popularity of VR avatars has led to businesses incorporating avatars to optimize interactive virtual experiences and find innovative ways to connect with others.
  3. AR Integration in vehicles – This emerging trend is revolutionizing the way we interact with our cars, be it through AR mirrors, AR-based navigation, or AR-based Heads-up displays.
  4. VR/AR Remote Assistants – This will allow businesses to improve communication, collaborations, and consultations in a real-time view of site situations faster and more efficiently.
  5. Haptic feedback: This technology allows users to experience tangible sensations in virtual environments. With the help of this technology, VR experiences could become more realistic and immersive, feeling more like the actual world.