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With the correct technical support and expertise, text analytics can be useful for more than just filtering and modelling your data.

It can assist you in identifying trends and insights from unstructured data, such as emails, tweets, social media sites, blog posts, survey data, or user reviews, to give you important information about your customers. Also, the integration of advanced analytics and machine learning with text analytics can help you to foresee the sentiment trend.

axiusSoftware is a knowledge-driven company with years of experience working on every type of data that is available with different companies from various industries. As a result, we ensure that you have the necessary knowledge, support, and dependability to deploy cutting-edge, complex solutions for solving your business challenges. Our goal is to provide businesses with accessible, high-quality Text Analytics services that will assist them in understanding their customers better.

Our Services

A rising difficulty for many firms is keeping track of text-based, unstructured sources and deriving relevant customer experience data from them. It is a well-known statistic that these sources contain more than 70% of information that is essential to businesses. Sources such as social media platforms, online surveys, and other data sources have enormous, often undiscovered possibilities for delving deeper into client experiences. To address this issue, we have developed a platform that combines advanced algorithms with NLP/Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing) to provide your company with the best text analytics services. With great accuracy, we can offer top-notch text analytics solutions that can be fully integrated into your company.

Sentiment and Intent Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the technique of identifying and extracting subjective information from text sources using natural language processing (NLP), text analysis, and applied linguistics. Sentiment analysis is to understand a writer’s attitude toward the subject matter or the general contextual polarity of written composition. With our text analytics solutions, we provide ways to identify different types of feelings expressed in texts and identify positive, neutral, or negative emotions.

Document Categorization and Clustering

A good illustration of machine learning in the context of natural language processing is document categorisation. The method that would speed up the process of searching for and obtaining crucial information is one that deserves your attention. It swiftly distinguishes meaningful content from unimportant information. In a number of documents, we identify and group similar document clusters. Then, we arrange the documents such that they are simpler to navigate and find.

Natural Language Processing

By comprehending sophisticated and nuanced language in data, NLP aids in the scaling of text and voice annotations. In order to create pertinent solutions to customer enquiries, it analyses textual patterns. By transforming the data into machine-readable form, our talented team deciphers the keynote. By doing this, we help businesses to serve customers by sorting and directing requests and complaints.

Entity Recognition

The text frequently appears as unstructured data in a variety of papers, spreadsheets, social media platforms, and databases. Our technique can recognise and identify entities from the data, including place, date, period, money, individual, and organisation. Your unstructured data is presented in a fresh and structured way as a result of this procedure.

Topic Analysis

This method is employed to identify the main themes or subjects inside a sizable body of text or collection of documents. The keywords that are used in text to indicate the article’s subject are identified by this technique. This can greatly enhance the ability to deduce the document’s context. By using this approach, we assist businesses in identifying which of their products and services are fruitful.

Process Of Text Analytics

Text analytics is a complex technique that entails multiple pre-steps to collect and filter unstructured text. Text analytics can be carried out in a variety of methods. This is an illustration of a model workflow.

Data Collection

Text information is frequently dispersed throughout an organization’s internal systems, including in customer conversations, emails, customer reviews, service issues, and survey responses. In the form of blog postings, news articles, product evaluations, social media updates, and web forum conversations, users also produce external data. Although internal data can be easily accessed for analytics, outside data must be obtained. We collect the information gathered from each of these sources in order to comprehend how, when, where, and what can be shown, examined, and stored in data lakes.

Data Preparation

Unstructured text data must first go through a number of preparation procedures before machine learning algorithms may begin to examine it. To uncover hidden insights and for analytical processing, we retain, filter, cleanse, and modify the data as necessary throughout data preparation and transformation.

Analysis And Modelling

At this stage, we use analytics approaches to draw insights from unstructured text data after it has been prepared. To assist businesses in better understanding an issue or providing a solution, we develop the complete data pipeline using data modeling and analysis procedures.

The Uses of Text Analytics

Below are the key uses of Text Analytics

1. Sentiment analysis
2. Determine the accessibility of unstructured data
3. Email Spam Filters identify the traits of messages to filter that are most likely to be commercial, phishing, or undesirable material.
4. Automatic positioning of ads
5. Social media surveillance
6. Competitive insight
7. Enterprise data mining and business intelligence
8. Electronic discovery and record-keeping
9. National security and intelligence
10. Scientific advancement, particularly in the life sciences

Why Choose Us

A market leader in text analytics, we provide small and large organisations with affordable text analytics solutions. Our specialised text analytics solutions and services are made to help our clients enhance their product integration and consumer experience. Based on client input, our text analytics services will aid in the improvement of business processes as well as the creation of better products.

Domain Expertise

Using our text analytics services, we help your business by enhancing content by classifying, optimising, and summarising it to reach the intended audience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By incorporating our products into their applications, our custom text analytics services and solutions help our clients improve their consumer experiences.

Making Profitable Decisions

With the help of our cutting-edge tools, organisations may forecast the next best move that will result in large profits. These tools include consumer analytics, NLP, and pattern identification algorithms.

Full Range Of Services

Our extensive range of services will assist you in enhancing your data capabilities, from development to strategic advising.

Innovative Technology

We are knowledgeable about text analytics technologies and are able to develop original products and solutions using them.

Complete Compliance With Regulations

We guarantee accurate and thorough adherence to national, state, and sector-specific regulations.

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