We integrate functionality with an optimized design framework to ensure that your website operates and looks the best.

axiusSoftware conducts extensive research to ideate and executes the right web design and development that optimizes the user experience.

Irrespective of your industry, having a good website with an easily navigable user interface is essential. Our experts execute comprehensive industry-based research to lock on to the most suited UI and UX requirements to ensure you have a highly functional and impressive website that enables easy navigation and checkouts.


  • Our Web Development Services
  • Our Process
  • Why Choose axiusSoftware as your Web Design and Development Agency?

Our Web Development Services

Custom Web Development

Understanding the specific needs of your business, our experts help you develop a unique and customized website. Be it a CMS based platform in widely accepted framework like WordPress or a fully customized Web application in ReactJs/NodeJs or in PHP or in any other latest cutting-edge technologies our experts tick all the boxes and offers a user-friendly experience.

Focusing on crucial industry requisites and user behavioral patterns, our experts help you develop all kinds of B2C, B2B, and marketplace business models. We are also capable of integrating key e-Commerce components into your existing web pages.

Java Web Development Services

With a dedicated team of experts, we have gathered plenty of experience in web development with Java over the years. You can count on us to provide you with one of the most effective Java web development services.

Magento Web Development Services

We assist you in setting up and growing your Magento-powered online store. Additionally, we help you in migration to the upgraded versions of Magento along with setting up required extensions.

Maintenance and Support

From updating & initializing features, executing bug fixes, and enhancing scalability and performance to optimizing SEO compliance and conducting security audits, our experts leave no stone unturned regarding website maintenance and support.

Technology Stack used for web development

Conceptualizers may find it challenging to select a group of application development technologies that would be ideal for their project in terms of the quantity and quality of the resources utilized. We are proficient in a wide range of cutting-edge web development technologies, such as the MEAN stack, and so on. By highlighting the most important aspects and providing additional information on how to select the most cost-effective technology stack for web applications, our experts will help you make a decision.

Web Design Services

We deliver web pages with vibrant and intuitive designs that focus on branding, user engagement, and easy conversions.

Responsive Web Design

Having a website optimized for mobile devices is a primary requisite. Our experts adapt your web design for different screen resolutions with specialized code to help offer a seamless experience.

User Interface Design

From choosing the proper visual representations (images, videos, banners, etc.) to designing an easily navigable interface that spurs user interest and increases time spent by users on targeted web pages.

User Experience Design

We help you create user-friendly page designs that optimize every web page’s navigation experience and ensure easy checkouts. Our UX design experts chalk out a complete user journey to cover all the aspects of user interaction.

Most Advanced tools for designing

Our team is proficient with the most cutting-edge design tools like Figma, PS, Nova, AdobeXD, etc., to produce eye-catching visuals for your website/portal that will delight visitors and entice them to return.

Design Research & Analysis

We conduct extensive and thorough research and competitor analysis to help enterprises understand the requisites and components of their digital landscape. Research and Analysis help us improve existing designs and project accurate delivery timelines.

Our Process

We have adopted a five-step approach to ensure the best results. Let us list them here:

1. Project Analysis & Sprint Planning

The process initiates with a requirement analysis phase. Our techno-functional team in collaboration with client’s team will discuss to understand the scope of the project and prepare the multi-Sprint plan

2. Customized Designs

We prioritize the value of understanding the nature of your business before committing to any design strategies. Once we have acquainted with your business goals, our design experts will come up with the design plan and work on customized UI/UX in a collaborative manner. We use tools like Figma, Adobe and others. Depending on the type of project, we also initiate with Wireframe or Prototype designs as well, during this phase

3. Coding for Frontend & Backend

Coding process initiates as per the defined Sprint plan aligned with completion of the design. Depending on the type of project, backend, frontend and integration development will be planned accordingly. It will follow an iterative process with continuous feedback from client.

4. Unit Testing/System Testing

A thorough testing of each sprint enables us to avoid critical functionality errors

5. Deployment

Once the previous four stages are performed flawlessly, the final stage of our process is to make the web application available to the users. With comprehensive experience both in China and in other countries, we are capable of handling deployment on cloud servers in China, as well as on other international cloud platforms.

Why Choose axiusSoftware as your Web Design and Development Agency?

  • We conduct a kick-off meeting to discuss all nuances of the project
  • A detailed project plan is handed over to our clients to keep the process transparent and target driven.
  • We arrange weekly meetings with our clients to keep them updated on the progress
  • We employ project management applications like Trello, Slack, and others to help us accomplish our goals more quickly
  • The status of the project is conveyed to our clients at regular intervals in the form of a progress report
  • We have a committed project manager on staff who leads our team of experts to reach their full potential and maintains effective
  • communication with our clients

Your Journey is Our Journey!

From project kick-off to completion is a journey. We work together as One Team & will be with you though-out this journey

Let's Start Your Project. Connect Us!


Impressions are a big deal when it comes to online customers. Over 75% of online users establish an impression of a company based on its website’s look, feel, and performance. Optimizing your web page design and functionality also correlates to sales and helps build trust.

Here are three reasons why UI design matters,

  • Responsive user interface design helps increase clicks.
  • Over 60% of consumers consider UI design the most integral part of software interaction.
  • Even minor UI glitches can lead to over 80% of users bouncing off the webpage or software.

Besides assigning a dedicated account manager to all our clients, we also create and follow a list of KPIs and give you access to specific tools that help you monitor progress. Your dedicated account manager also provides timely updates through emails and calls.

The extent of the project, integration of pages, functionality, etc., all of these aspects significantly affect the timeline. However, anywhere between 2 to 4 months is a plausible timeline to consider.

One of the most significant advantages of hiring axiusSoftware is our flexibility when it comes to our clients. Our packages allow you to choose specific UI/UX design and development services.

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