We provide focused eCommerce solutions for your online business to achieve maximum engagement and sales.

Our skilled and efficient team of experts offers relevant eCommerce solutions that maximize scalability. Consequently, it lets you leave your mark online and boost your sales.

We have customized solutions for you to experience optimized functionality and project growth. We aim to deliver a superior user experience regarding reliability, speed, and customer satisfaction. In addition, we enhance brand awareness to add to the profitability of an online business.

eCommerce Portal Development

We build robust web portal to deliver premium experiences to customers. We assure you of top-notch development technologies, which bring in conversion-driven customers. Our team of experts uses well laid out development strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

UI and UX Web Design

Every business is unique, so we help you create and develop exciting designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility. We deliver designs from the brand’s perspective and establish an exclusive identity. We aim to bring creative, relatable designs to the user and increase brand loyalty.

eCommerce Consultation

Our consultants help you build a functional, cost-effective, scalable eCommerce platform to win customers. We audit your pre-existing eCommerce store, in case of an existing one. We also provide an option to our clients for a discovery or due-diligence phase in coming up with their ideal eCommerce platform. Creating a seamless user experience is our goal. We help you identify Omni channel opportunities, enhance engagement, and drive sales.

At axiusSoftware, our consultants focus on your key pain points and help you provide optimized solutions.

eCommerce Store Migration

Migrate from one platform to the other without losing the originality of your brand. We ensure everything remains intact, from functionality to design templates, extensions to integrations. Switch eCommerce platforms like never before! Our experts identify the custom functionalities of your site and make the process more accessible than ever We further help clients to migrate eCommerce stores in Magento to higher versions

Data integrity and security are assured as soon as our experts take over. Reach new scalable goals without losing out on the legacy you have created over the years. With us, eCommerce store migration is hassle-free.

Customer Retail Solution

Get a hassle-free Omni channel retail management solution and provide optimized customer service. Being user-friendly, versatile, secure, and updated, our software allows you to cater to the needs of each customer. We ensure quick resolution of customer queries and issues, increase repeat rates, and earn customer loyalty. Connecting to customers is the key to higher sales; AI integration allows us to predict shopper needs and intent correctly.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking is an integral part of eCommerce environment. Save time, effort, and money on asset inventory management by automating asset tagging and inventory management using  BLE, barcoding, RFID, and GPS. Our team can help you in designing and developing value added associated interlinked system and solutions around eCommerce ecosystem

Digital Marketing Automation

You are able to access a personalization engine, real-time analytics, omnichannel engagement, and a CDP using our digital Marketing Automation system. Reach, interact, engage and convert more customers.

Live Video Streaming Solutions

 eCommerce through Live Streaming is gradually becoming prominent. We help clients in creating  live video streaming solution to increase Daily Active Users (DAU)in order to maximize their daily sales. This will help to effectively boost your sales while providing helpful information to your customers.

Our eCommerce Development Services consist of tech solutions that help in seamless customer experience. It helps engage avid shoppers, prospective customers, and new viewers. In addition, it improves the conversion rate of the site. These features are backed by high-end technology like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence including incorporation of AR in eCommerce platforms,Here are a few reasons for you to choose us!

Engage the audience with live interaction

We provide live video streaming to elevate our customer engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Ensure asset tracking and management

We provide asset tracking and management solutions that save time, effort, money, and physical labor. It automates the process of identifying assets in a warehouse, collecting relevant data, and updating it in the system. It is convenient for your eCommerce business.

Getting rid of language barriers for customer support with multilingual chat

Multilingual chats enhance CSAT. Real-time multilingual chat is the go-to option to save time and resolve issues faster. It cuts the cost, as you don’t have to hire native agents for translation. It boosts the first response rate by 75%.

Building voice enabled shopping interactions.

Voice-enabled interactions are interesting for the users. It leaves an impact on the user and improves the user navigation experience. It also encourages buyers to understand the product better and makes the journey easier from search to purchase.

Your Journey is Our Journey!

From project kick-off to completion is a journey. We work together as One Team & will be with you though-out this journey

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eCommerce application developers ensure that potential customers have a hassle-free experience while scrolling through your online store. Furthermore, they ensure that the customer quickly finds out what they need and can navigate your web portal or mobile APPs safely. Their role is vast and various regarding various kinds of applications.

Some of their skills include:

  • They design your storefront to help customers navigate seamlessly and make it look attractive simultaneously.
  • They help you choose suitable features based on your online store’s background.
  • They make your storefront functional.

Determining the necessary features for your eCommerce store depends on your business type. It depends on the business model.

However, here are a few features that you might need:

  • Ability to integrate with social media channels and marketplaces.
  • Responsive design.
  • Page speed.
  • Strong SEO capabilities.
  • Shopping cart design.
  • Product filtering
  • Multiple payment options and gateways.
  • CMS (content management system) integration.

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React Native


























MS .Net
















AR Toolkit









E-commerce Platform Development

It is becoming increasingly rare to see long queues outside stores. With e-commerce making deeper inroads, brands are more interested in leveraging online visibility as customers shop online.

Custom e-commerce web development by axiusSoftware is designed to future-proof your business goals. Our solutions are uniquely tailored to showcase visual designs, features, and tricks to amplify the user experience.

With our expertise in custom e-commerce web development, axiusSoftware helps enterprises, distributors, retail companies, wholesalers, and manufacturers, among others boost sales and attract more consumers.

Benefits of Choosing Our E-commerce Platform Development

Our Services
We offer device-agnostic custom e-commerce web development services to ascertain consistent and positive buying experiences for your customers. Coupled with this, we integrate multi-currency and multi-lingual marketplaces for an unobstructed association between buyers and sellers. Our suite of services includes:

eCommerce Portal Development
Our sole aim is to offer premium experiences to our customers. We use robust development technologies to help your e-commerce web portal stand out in the crowd and enjoy higher sales conversion. As a custom e-commerce web development company, we handle projects of varying complexity and across various domains.

UI and UX Web Design
Your business is unique, and we don’t want you to fit in a box. Why settle for the usual, when you can have extraordinary designs and exciting features for your e-commerce website? We deliver designs that are extensions of your brand ideology. We strive for creative and relatable designs to push your brand’s image a few notches higher.

eCommerce Consultation
We listen! Our team will consult and collaborate with you to deliver a cost-effective, scalable, and functional e-commerce platform that will help you win more customers. If you already own a pre-existing e-commerce store, we will audit it and offer an ideal solution for a seamless user experience.

Store Migration
We make migrations from one platform to another a cakewalk. Be ascertained that your store will not lose the originality of your brand. From functionality to design templates, everything will remain intact even as we integrate novel extensions to improve the overall user experience.

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