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axiusSoftware provides professional consultancy to guide you on the right processes of uploading Android Mobile APPs to China’s mainstream Android APP stores

When talking about APP distribution, Google PlayStore and Apple APP Store are considered to be the main APP market outside of China. However, in China, there are various different Android APP stores for publishing Android Applications, and the process of uploading the APPs to those stores is much more stringent due to various regulations and compliance policies. It is important for any companies willing to enter China Market to be updated and aligned with the latest regulations and policies. axiusSoftware operating for more than 5 years in China is here to provide you valuable guidance.

1. Software Copyright Certificate (SCC) application

Software copyright certificate, known as 《计算机软件著作权证书》in Chinese, has become a mandatory document for any mainstream Chinese Android APP stores, which is issued by the National Copyright Administration. With our one-stop services, we will help to apply for SCC. It usually takes 20-30 working days starting from the day when the application is submitted, as per the latest policy from the National Copyright Certificate.

It is suggested to use a Chinese local entity to apply for the SCC. It helps to make the entire application process smoother. If it needs to be applied with a foreign entity, it will be more time consuming and likely to be rejected by top Android APP stores.

2. Localization, Translation & Local Coordination

Localization & translation will not only be required while applying for SCC, but it will be required when uploading the APPs to the Android APP stores, as all documents need to be in Chinese language such as the application form, user manual, APP title and description etc. axiusSoftware will also help on such activities, with our allied partner to convert everything in proper Chinese language and will help to coordinate with the support team from different Android APP stores.

APP localization is another factor to be considered, as different APP stores have different requirements about the APP.

3. APP Distribution

In China, there are 6 mainstream Android APP stores. These are Tencent store (腾讯应用宝), Baidu store (百度手机助手), 360 store (360 手机助手), Huawei store (华为应用市场), Oppo store (OPPO 应用商店) & Xiaomi store (小米应用商店). The 6 stores cover a big market share as it covers the most commonly used Android mobile devices in China like Huawei, Oppo & Xiaomi. The most updated running APK will be required to be uploaded to the store, along with uploading copyright certificate, localized 20 pages user manual, APP logo, few APP screenshots as per required sizes from different stores, and localized APP description. In addition, authorization letter will also be required by some stores like Huawei. Certain APPs will require special approvals such as online clinical APP and Finance related APP. Requirements and criteria for stores may get changed from time to time.

4. ICP Filing

It is not mandatory that the APP backend has to be hosted within China, but if the APP backend is hosted outside China, there will be chances of getting rejected by the stores when the APK will be uploaded, as the review team from the app store will need to install the APK and check the APP. Accessing the hosting server hosted outside China will either have difficulty in opening in China or will open slow in China.

As per the policy from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (中国工信部), if the APP needs to be hosted in China, domain and hosting needs to be purchased in China and it will undergo certain processes to approve the domain and hosting. After that, ICP filing needs to be applied for the domain & hosting purchased. The application can be done from service providers like Aliyun, a leading cloud service provider in China.

1. Enriched experience in China

axiusSoftware has been operating for more than 5 years in China and has helped many companies from different countries, who are willing to establish their digital footprints in China, to upload Android Mobile apps to mainstream Android APP stores.

2. Professional bi-lingual team for your project

axiusSoftware local team is fluent in both Chinese & English speaking. This helps to ease the communication hurdles with clients, and at the same time, can also communicate well with the support team from stores in Chinese language for required coordination.

3. Professional technical team to help on APP localization

axiusSoftware has a highly professional technical team as well, to help on APP localization, to align with the regulations from different Android APP stores. In case there is any technical feedback from the stores, the technical team will do required adjustments within specified time.

3. Timely & Quick turn-around time

axiusSoftware assures timely response time to make sure the project to be delivered within desired timeline.

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  • Tencent store (腾讯应用宝)
  • Baidu store (百度手机助手)
  • 360 store (360 手机助手)
  • Huawei store (华为应用市场)
  • Xiaomi store (小米应用商店)

It usually takes 20-30 working days after the application is submitted successfully

1. Chinese entity business license
2. 20 pages user manual with minimum 20 screenshots
3. 3000 lines source codes

One Android Mobile APP is tagged with one single software copyright certificate as every SCC will have an unique serial number.

It usually varies from 2 weeks to 4 weeks for uploading to 3 stores, and 4-6 weeks for uploading to 6 stores. However depending on the complexity of different stores and the possible policy changes, these timelines may be more

1. Software copyright certificate
2. Latest APK
3. APP login credential if available

It usually takes 5-20 working days to complete the ICP Filing once the application is submitted. Chinese entity business license and ID/Passport copy of the local legal representative are required

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