Our targetted PPC campaigns for Google and Baidu focus on boosting your sales while connecting you with the right audience

axiusSoftware executes effective PPC campaigns that focus on your ROI while initiating active conversions

The pressure to drive sales reigns heavy on every business, be it big or
small. axiusSoftware focuses on research and data to create
tailor-made PPC campaigns for your business, which focus on making
every click count.

Showcasing your product or service to the right audience increases the
possibility of active conversions. A thorough understanding of your key
customer base and our expertise in running Google and Baidu-specific
ads that help initiate a faster return on your investment (ROI).


  • Our PPC Services are listed as follows
  • Why Is axiusSoftware the right PPC Agency for the Job?

Our PPC Services are listed as follows

Keyword Research

Any PPC campaign is all about targeting the right keywords. Whether it’s on Google or Baidu, the right keywords help your business reach out
to the right audience while ensuring active conversions. With the help of thorough research about your business and industry, in-depth competitor analysis, and the latest tools and software, our SEO team chalks out the most effective PPC campaign that focuses on transforming potential leads into active customers.

Google Search Ad Campaigns

Creating simple, clear, and creative ad copies are the key to initiating a successful Google AdWords campaign. axiusSoftware takes a deep dive into your customer’s psyche to create ad copies that communicate and convert with ease.

Google Display Ad Campaigns

Display ad campaigns have the potential to create more conversions. This is exactly why our marketing team focuses on the right visual displays and copies to create display ad campaigns that are perfectly in line with GDN, Google Display Network. Focusing on specifically targeted display ads allows your business to be in the right place at the right time online.

Baidu Specific PPC Ads

As experts in running Baidu PPC campaigns, we always focus on Baidu ad guidelines to help reach your business to the right customer base.
With PPC ads having more impact on Baidu than Google, we lay stress on running ads while strengthening SEO-led campaigns to ensure consistent growth for our customers.

Retargeting Campaigns

Our marketing experts set up effective retargeting campaigns to help businesses reach out to potential customers that have previously bounced off their websites. That’s right! Generally, only 2% of the people landing on a website become paying customers. These retargeting campaigns are set up to try and convert a portion of the remaining 98%of the potential customer base.

White Label PPC Ads

Our expertise lies in running cost-effective white label PPC campaigns that lead to active conversions for your clients. Focusing on ROI-drivenPPC ad campaigns along with affordable PPC packages our team of marketing experts is able to deliver guaranteed results to your client base.

Social Media Paid Campaigns

Isn’t it a shame when great posts get lost in the crowd? Not any more. At axiusSoftware, we focus on executing social media platform-specific Paid campaigns that help your business reach out to the right audience, create more engagement, and increase visibility and sales for your business. Our campaigns are created keeping specific goals in mind and obviously our client’s ROI.

Google Keywords Conversion Tracking

We prefer to keep things simple and transparent with our clients and that is exactly why we use specific tools and software that allow our
clients to track overtime progress of their PPC campaigns. Using easy to understand analytics sheet, we are able to clearly show our clients how far along they have come, the ROI they have generated and the plan ahead.

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Why Is axiusSoftware the right PPC Agency for the Job?

Our expertise lies in creating streamlined PPC campaigns that focus on maximum ROI generation for our clients. This allows us to work efficiently even with campaigns on a limited budget. We adhere to a completely transparent policy and provide our clients the necessary date and analytics to track their progress. Here are a list of reasons to why we are the right PPC agency for your business.


We believe in working with business of different scales and sizes and always look towards growing with our clients. This allows our experts to
ideate effective campaigns that take flexibility into account. By understanding and assessing current and future goals our experts are able to create custom campaigns that focus on ROI generation as well as reaching out to the right audience.

Optimized Marketing Costs

Our primary objective with any PPC campaign is to figure out the lowest cost per click in order to ensure maximum ROI generation. We use the latest software and tech to bid the right amount and continuously monitor and optimize ads to ensure our campaigns are budget friendly. We track, measure and optimize all our campaigns for current and future improvements. This allows us to generate effective results as well as sales.

Your Own Account Manager

With all our clients we appoint a singular account manager, who works on behalf of your business. This person remains your singular point of
contact to not burden you with unnecessary information and e-mailsalong the process. Your account manager ensures all tasks are completed on time and you are giving timely updates on call or over mail. All analytics and data are shared to your via your account manager in easy to read and understand formats. Having a single point of contact, helps you always have clarity and information on your campaigns while keeping out the clutter.

Progress You Can Monitor

As a PPC agency we always steer clear off unrealistic goals and lofty promises. Through easy to assess data sheets and analytics we offer very realistic projections to our clients. This allows our clients to track their progress and have a clear idea about future goals. We help you understand and follow the technical aspects so you can have a better idea about your campaigns.

How Are Baidu Specific PPC Campaigns Different?

Baidu PPC is not the same as running ads on other popular search engines. Our dedicated PPC experts understand the key differences and use them to generate better results on Baidu specific PPC campaigns. Here are a few things unique to running ads on Baidu.

  • Ads on Baidu are not as clearly distinguishable from organically ranking content as on Google. Our PPC experts use to this aspect to the advantage of our clients.
  • We use a hand in hand strategy of driving traffic and sales through PPC campaigns on Baidu while backing it with stong SEO led approaches.
  • More characters are allowed on Baidu to help create stronger, more compelling and engaging copies.
  • Our experts focus on specific keyword optimisation to ensure that they drive more traffic through targeted PPC campaigns.
  • We work in tandem with our clients to generate special offer campaigns to drive more traffic on Baidu.
  • The key is always to write copies in Mandarin to ensure easy communication and more effective conversions.
  • Sticking to Baidu guidelines we keep within the negative keyword limit.
  • Our experts constantly monitor progress on ads and share the results through analytics and data sheets.
  • We make effective use of all the specific and different types of PPC ads on Baidu to reach to a wider customer base.

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PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads are an aspect of online marketing that focuses on driving more traffic to a specific web pages by targeting specific keywords.

The evolution of PPC ads are dictated by the changing nature of search engines. There are specific aspects like display url, destination url, headline, and descriptions that have remain unchanged when it comes to PPC ads.

PPC ads give businesses of all scales and sizes an opportunity to rank higher on SERPs. Through effective keyword research, PPC ads can help drive traffic to specific websites and highlight their products and services.

Targeting the right keywords require a thorough research of the industry, competitor analysis and data analysis. Using the latest tools our experts evaluate diverse demographics and look at intricacies like language processing to identify the most searched keywords.

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