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  • A Glimpse At Our KOL and Influencer Marketing Services
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We boost your brand following by collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders and Relevant Social Media Influencers.

axiusSoftware fishes out industry-specific KOLs and influencers to help increase your brand visibility and connect with your target audience.

Whether you are running a business in China or anywhere in the world, key opinion leaders and influencers are necessary to get your brand out there.

Dominating the Chinese market, KOLs have more influence over people than the most prominent celebrities. In fact, due to the surging popularity of social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, WeChat, Little Red Book, etc., KOLs and influencers have become celebrities with millions of followers. Our experts analyze integral aspects like industry, brand voice, and relevant customer base to help your brand connect with the right KOLs.

A Glimpse At Our KOL and Influencer Marketing Services

KOL marketing is primarily restricted to the Chinese market, whereas our influencer marketing services apply globally.

KOL Outreach

Understanding how to connect with the right key opinion leader is the most crucial part of a KOL campaign. We help you reach out and collaborate with relevant opinion leaders, influencers, and web celebrities to boost brand awareness and visibility.

Platform Specific KOL Campaigns

Our experts help your brand ideate and execute effective KOL campaigns that help you reach out to relevant audiences across different Chinese social media platforms like WeChat, Douyin(TikTok), Xiaohongshu(Little Red Book), etc.

KOL Giveaways

Giveaways are an excellent way to engage your audience. We collaborate with relevant KOLs to execute giveaway campaigns that help extend your core audience base.

Product Reviews

Product reviews from key opinion leaders help establish trust and promote your product. Our experts connect you with the right opinion leaders to ensure the publicity of your products.

KOL Advertising Strategy

Simply connecting with the right opinion leader is not good enough. There has to be a proper advertising plan, which we implement and execute to ensure maximum ROI generation from every single campaign through an amalgamation of different aspects, including sponsored posts, product reviews, KOLs campaigns, and KOLs giveaways.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Our experts help you connect with the right influencers to boost your following and ensure active conversions from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Instagram Collaborations

Collaborating with the right influencers can help boost the reach of your Instagram reels. We connect you with the right influencers to ensure growth in brand visibility and active followers.

Targeted Micro-Influencer Campaigns

Micro-influencers are Instagram influencers with anywhere between 2k to 10k followers. These influencers have a trusted following and help boost active sales. Do not be fooled by the number of followers; these micro-influencers have more engagement than even mega influencers with millions of followers.

Why Choose axiusSoftware as your KOLs and Influencer Marketing Agency?

We rely on expertise and experience to help ideate and execute effective ROI-driven KOLs and Influencer Marketing campaigns that focus on boosting your reach on different platforms. Our dedication toward our clients, accountability, and code of ethics has allowed us to build close associations with many clients over time. Here are all the reasons axiusSoftware is the right KOLs marketing and Influencer marketing agency for your business.


It’s not always about big-budget KOL campaigns or reaching out to the top influencers in the market. We help you reach out to the right KOLs and influencers within your budget to ensure maximum traction.

Bi-Lingual Account Manager

Communicating in Chinese is essential when negotiating terms or reaching out to relevant opinion leaders. Our experts initiate KOLs outreach and communication to ensure the smooth running of your campaigns.


Our experts deep-dive into your industry’s intricate details to connect with the right influencers and KOLs. The relevance of industry-specific influencers on different platforms is paramount when it comes to KOLs outreach and campaigns. We help you with all the legwork so you get the maximum out of your campaigns.

Performance Tracking

We use industry-specific tools to track the performance of your KOLs and influencer marketing campaigns. Our dedicated account managers keep you updated about progress through bi-weekly calls to ensure a clear line of communication between our clients and us.


Get ready to start your journey towards a transformed future. Get in touch with us to realize your dream and convert your expectations into reality and envision a limitless growth. We are there to help and support!

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By reaching out to relevant industry specific opinion leaders across different platforms we are able to build brand following while generating active leads and sales.

KOL stands for key opinion leaders. KOL marketing applies specifically to influencer campaigns for Chinese platforms like, WeChat, Weibo, etc. Influencer marketing applies to global social media platforms like instagram, Facebook, etc.


Our teamwork, dedication, and positivity drive us to envision a change for the benefit of all and to make a difference.

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