ML Trends for 2023

Aug 08 2023
Machine learning

Evolving faster than ever, the AI market is estimated to reach over $1500 billion in size by 2030. Here are some of the current trends in the realm of machine learning

Foundation Models – Trained on massive amounts of data, these AI tools help immensely when it comes to content generation and summarization, coding and translation, and customer support. Application of foundation models can be observed in GPT-3 and Mid Journey.

Multimodal Machine Learning – More akin to how humans interact and function, multimodal ML has the ability to perceive an event in many modalities. This is achieved by combining various types of information and using them in tandem. Still in its nascent stages.

Transformers – Widely used in translation and other natural language processing tasks, Transformers constitute a type of AI architecture that performs transduction on an input section to transform it into another sequence.

TinyML – Also referred to as Embedded ML, this sub-set enables ML technologies to function on different mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, smart home systems, household appliances, etc.

Low code & No code Solutions – Helps to bridge the gap between the demand for high-quality products in the market and the possibility to deliver them on time. Low-code solutions help teams reduce development costs, thereby spurring growth and reducing time-to-delivery.