Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

Feb 16 2023 cloud computing

For organizations, moving to the cloud is no longer an option. It is becoming a necessity. Migrating to the cloud provides businesses with a plethora of new opportunities. Here we highlight some of the top cloud computing trends that we can expect.

  1. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud: Using multiple cloud providers offer organizations the ability to explore the unique features and capabilities of different platforms.
  2. Cloud-native development: Moving to cloud is a burning trend adopted by most organizations. Building and deploying cloud specific applications is soaring in popularity.
  3. Edge computing: The amount of data generated by (IoT) devices is ever increasing. Owing to this pattern, more organizations are trying to process and analyze data closer to where it’s generated.
  4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and other AI and ML services are being offered by cloud providers so they can be seamlessly integrated into cloud based applications.
  5. Security and compliance: Cloud storage and protection of sensitive data is becoming a top priority for organizations of all sized