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One-Stop Digital Service Provider in China, helping clients establish their Digital Footprints in China

axiusSoftware extends support on each step of ICP filing based on the enriched local experience in China.

ICP, known as “Internet Content Provider”, is a type of filing process under the supervision of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for any companies who want to host their website or web-based application, including backend hosting of Mobile APPs, within mainland China. It will be challenging and time-consuming to do the ICP filing for companies who are not familiar with the entire process, especially for international companies, as the documents to be submitted need to be localized and coordination needs to be done in Chinese as well. As a professional Digital Consulting company, axiusSoftware is here to support you with its professional guidance and services while still being economical.

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Account Creation and Real-Name Authentication

Aliyun is considered one of the most reliable cloud service providers in China as well, and ICP filing can be done via Aliyun. Before proceeding with ICP filing, an account needs to be created on Aliyun, and it needs to undergo several processes before the account is approved successfully, such as real name authentication, company information verification, and so on. All related documents to be submitted need to be localized in Chinese, and a Chinese entity business license is mandatory.

Information Template Creation & Verification (信息模板认证)

After the company account is successfully registered on Aliyun, the next step is to purchase domains and hosting, as the ICP filing is tagged with one particular domain and hosting. Before purchasing the hosting, it needs to undergo a process of “information sample creation and verification”, which usually takes 1-2 working days to get it verified. With the purchased and approved domain and hosting, we can start configuring them as per the requirements.

ICP filing

The next step is to start the ICP filing after completing the above 2 steps. axiusSoftware extends support in each step. What is required to be done is to provide the required materials. Our team will do the filing appropriately based on our local experiences operating for multiple years in China, to ensure work will be implemented in a legitimate way and to avoid back and forth. Our team will also guide you on how to deal with the review call from Aliyun’s review team and the possible questions and answers.

Why Choose axiusSoftware as the Digital Consulting company towards ICP Filing

Enriched experience in China

axiusSoftware has been operating for many years in China and has helped many companies from different countries, who are willing to establish their digital footprints in China, upload Android Mobile apps to mainstream Android APP stores.

Professional bi-lingual team for your project

axiusSoftware local team is fluent in both Chinese and English. This helps to ease the communication hurdles with clients and, at the same time, can also communicate well with the support team from stores in Chinese for the required coordination.

Professional technical team to help with APP localization

axiusSoftware has a highly professional technical team as well to help with APP localization and align with the regulations of different Android APP stores. In the event of any technical feedback from the stores, the technical team will make the required adjustments within the specified time.

Timely & Quick turn-around time

axiusSoftware assures a timely response time to make sure the project is delivered within the desired timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering an account will take few seconds, but it usually takes 1-3 days to approve the real name authentication which is a mandatory process to be followed once the account is registered.

It usually takes 1-2 working days to verify and approve the created information template

1. Chinese entity business license
2. Passport copy/Chinese copy of the legal representative of the Chinese entity
3. Local contact number
4. Authorization letter

ICP filing is linked with domain only, one ICP is tagged with one domain. If all your websites/APPs are hosted under one domain, one ICP filing needs to be done only

After submitting all required documents, it will be first reviewed by Aliyun team, which usually takes 1-5 working days. Once it’s approved by Aliyun review team, it will go to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it usually takes 15-20 working days for approval.

A ICP serial number is obtained once the ICP filing is approved, which needs to be put at the bottom of the website and hyperlinked to the website of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

ICP filing is mandatory for any website to be hosted within mainland China. ICP license is also applicable for websites which involve online payments and other related features.

Yes, it is possible to transfer your ICP Filing to a different hosting provider or update your website’s information. However, you will need to go through the appropriate procedures and obtain the necessary approvals from Chinese authorities.

There are two primary types of ICP Filing:

  • Bei’an ICP Filing: This is for non-commercial websites that do not involve monetary transactions or e-commerce.
  • Jing’an ICP Filing: This is for commercial websites and those involved in e-commerce, which may require additional documentation and compliance with stricter regulations.

Yes, individual bloggers and content creators can apply for ICP Filing if they operate websites with non-commercial content. They will need to provide personal identification and adhere to the relevant regulations.

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