How is axiusSoftware Focusing on Streamlined IoT Solutions

Jun 18 2023

Optimizing Customer Management in Retail:

1. Beacon-enabled loyalty programs personalize the in-store experience, which helps improve customer loyalty

2. Smart shelves keep track of product stock and replenishment

3. Traffic Control Systems ensure a smoother shopping experience by restricting the number of in-store customers.


Smart Cities, Smart Utilities:

1. Automatically adjusted street lighting systems help manage power consumption.

2. Real-time monitoring of traffic and parking situations helps improve safety and efficiency.

3. Live passenger information system generates necessary information about transport locations.

4. Fire and crime prevention systems ensure a safe environment


Supply Chain Management

1. Monitoring inventory levels to keep product stock up to date

2. Automated order systems help optimize orders and improve accuracy

3. Transportation climate control helps keep preferred materials at optimal temperatures during transportation