How have AI, ML and IoT solutions impacted the real-estate sector across the globe?

Dec 15 2023
AI, ML and IoT solutions

Shaped by market trends, economic factors, and technological advancements, the real estate industry plays a vital role in global economies, influencing urban development and impacting individuals and businesses alike. AI, ML, and IoT solutions bring innovation and efficiency to the real estate sector, enhancing decision-making processes, improving customer experiences, and contributing to the overall development of smart and sustainable properties.

  • Redfin, a US-based real estate company, leverages AI to provide personalized home recommendations to buyers by analyzing their preferences. Additionally, Redfin employs AI to create tailor-made marketing materials for sellers and assist them in setting competitive prices for their homes.
  • Hometrack, a UK-based property data and analytics firm, utilizes artificial intelligence to offer valuable insights into market trends. It aids buyers, sellers, and investors in making well-informed decisions by leveraging AI-driven analyses and data.
  •, an India-based online real estate platform, harnesses artificial intelligence to drive its property search engine and deliver tailored recommendations for both buyers and renters. Additionally, employs AI to assist real estate agents in identifying leads and efficiently managing their client pipelines.
  • Verisk Analytics, a US-based company, leverages artificial intelligence to deliver insights related to property risk factors such as fraud, natural disasters, and crime.
  • Goodlord (UK) is a UK-based property management platform that uses AI to automate tasks such as tenancy agreements, rent collection, and maintenance requests.