How are AR & VR revolutionizing the healthcare sector?

Dec 05 2023 AR & VR revolutionizing the healthcare sector

Metaverse holds the potential for significant impact in various industries, including healthcare. While the widespread adoption and integration of the metaverse in hospitals are still evolving, there are several potential implications and benefits that could emerge as the technology develops. 

  • 1. XRHealth developed a virtual clinic that treats mental health disorders using VR therapy.
  • 2. St. Jude Research Hospital employs VR to provide a drug-free, immersive 3D world for chronic pain management, reducing reliance on opioids and aiding patients unsuitable for sedation.
  • 3. Iowa Spencer Hospital employs an AR solution using SLAM technology for precise, safer medical procedures, allowing doctors to map organs, veins, and tumors with a simple smartphone scan.
  • 4. LabFlorida uses AR remote assistance to fix and maintain their medical test equipment.