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A Social Media Marketing Agency that focuses on growth and active conversions through unique and targeted brand campaigns

From creating engaging posts to running target-driven PPC ads, axiusSoftware helps you access and execute the true potential of Social Media Marketing.

Social media has become the life source for most online businesses. A brand’s social media marketing and customer reviews designate its worth and value online. Online businesses are booming thanks to social media platforms. If you’re still on the fence about implementing social media marketing in your online business, you should start executing right now.

Our team of SMM experts execute customized campaigns that focus on generating viewer engagement and active conversions. Helping you create simple yet captivating content for different platforms, we guide your brand towards digital success.

Here is how axiusSoftware helps your brand build a firm hold on Social Media

Facebook Advertising Services

From creating compelling copies to executing successful brand campaigns at minimum CPC (cost-per-click), our team of Facebook advert experts do it all. Understanding the intricacies of your brand’s vision and image, we help you chalk out ROI-driven ad campaigns that help you reach out to the right audience while pushing sales.

Twitter Advertising Services

As a platform, Twitter encourages opinions and conversations. We help you chalk out twitter-specific ad campaigns that allow your brand to connect with the right audience. Focusing on strong and engaging content, we help build a strong image for your brand on Twitter.

Instagram Advertising Services

It’s the age of reels. Engagement on Instagram is all about making and promoting reels. Our team of Instagram experts create brand-specific reels that engage with the right kind of audience. From ideating content for reels to running cost-effective ad campaigns that focus on generating active conversions and boosting sales, our experts are equipped to guide your brand towards #instasuccess.

LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn marketing stands out from other social media platforms. Our LinkedIn experts execute specific B2B marketing campaigns to generate leads, connect with potential prospects, and boost awareness. Curating specific content, our experts help build your presence on LinkedIn.

Social Media Content & Account Monitoring

Our social media content team ideate and create platform-specific content that is compelling, engaging, and unique. From generating content to making suitable campaigns, our social media team helps drive organic traffic to your social media accounts. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, our team of experts creates and monitors content to determine the right fit for your brand.

Social Media Monitoring

We don’t believe in offering fifteen minutes of fame to our clients. Our experts use specific tools to monitor ongoing social media campaigns for different platforms. Monitoring campaigns allow our experts to make informed decisions about content curation, time of posting, and ideating platform-specific marketing campaigns for the future. Combing paid ads with organic growth, we help your brand build a strong connection with its audience on different social media platforms. All data, analytics, and information about social media marketing campaigns are shared with our clients. This allows them to track their brand’s progress while having realistic expectations.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Running ads on different social media platforms can be more complex. Taking care of the technicalities, our ad experts choose the correct bid to run ads at minimum cost-per-click. Focusing on maximum ROI generation, we curate everything from creating engaging ad copies to consistently monitoring ads.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

We follow a systematic and practical process when drawing up marketing strategies for social media platforms. We begin with in-depth research about your brand, target audience, competitor analysis, and future goals. We develop specific campaigns for different platforms that focus on generating maximum engagement, active leads, and sales based on the information we get. Focusing on aspects like creating unique and engaging content, time of posting, correct bidding for minimum CPCs, and constant monitoring, we help your brand find clarity amidst the chaos.

Social Media Reporting and Analytics

We are very transparent about the work we do for our clients. Detailed yet easy-to-read reports and analytics are shared with all our clients. These reports track the regular progress of campaigns and also showcase the data relating to regular posts on different social media platforms. We project realistic goals that help our clients track real-time progress and clearly understand the brand’s future on social media.

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5 Benefits of Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency?

5 Benefits of Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency?

Ideating and creating engaging content, posting at particular times, running and monitoring ads, and executing ROI-driven campaigns for specific platforms is a full-time job. All these aspects and more need to be done consistently to guarantee results. Taking on these responsibilities is not a practical solution for any business owner. This is where hiring the right social media marketing agency comes in handy. Here are five benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency.

Build Your Presence Online

For new or established businesses having and maintaining a solid presence on different social media platforms is necessary. This involves ideating and creating engaging posts, running curated ads, and target-driven marketing campaigns. A social media marketing agency handles all these responsibilities while monitoring consistent results.

Brings In More Customers

Implementing aspects like influencer marketing can significantly influence a brand’s online sales. Studies show that more than 90% of online consumers buy from brands on social media and more than 35% of consumers trust social media influencers more than brands. Reaching out to the right customers through targeted ad campaigns and compelling posts also helps generate active leads and sales.

Using the Right Tools

Social media marketing agencies have the right tools to monitor progress, check for errors, focus on the right keywords, etc. This helps brands get a realistic idea of monitoring progress.

Allows you to Run your Business

Delegating responsibilities to competent social media marketing agencies allows you to concentrate on essential aspects of your business. Understanding that particular duties must be charged to the right professionals is critical when running a successful business.

Progress Monitoring and Projection

Knowing that everything is handled by trained professionals lends peace of mind. Monitoring progress lets you have a clear idea about your ROI generation, which will enable you to take essential calls regarding future marketing campaigns.

Why is axiusSoftware the right Social Media Marketing Agency for your business?

Our quality of work, transparency, and customized social media packages make us the right fit for your brand. When it comes to customized packages, we do a deep dive into your brand to figure out the right social media services. This curation of services allows us to develop a more ROI-driven strategy. Here are what you can expect when working with us

Creative Content

Creating simple and engaging content contextual to specific platforms helps build a solid and dedicated following. Our team of content creators will help deliver quality content to help your brand get the attention it deserves.


Our social media experts understand the intricacies of your brand to help create a customized social media package. Figuring out a specific and lucrative marketing plan allows us to create a budget-friendly package focusing on maximum ROI generation.

Dedicated Account Manager

We establish a single line of contact by appointing a dedicated account manager for each client. Our account manager helps our clients monitor results and keep track of tasks and duties. Having a single point of contact makes things for our clients.

Ownership of Assets

We allow our clients to have complete ownership of all assets and even allow them to use those assets even if they are no longer in business with us.

Transparent Communication

We keep our clients updated about campaign progress through reports and analytics. Our dedicated account manager also sets up bi-weekly calls to ensure a clear line of communication between our clients and us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Social media platforms are the best place to promote brand awareness, growth, and recall. 90% of online consumers buy from brands on social media.

This depends on the nature of your business. Our team of experts execute comprehensive research about your business to understand which platforms are best suited for you.

Our team has the necessary experience and expertise to help guide your brand in the correct direction regarding social media marketing. Equipped with the right tools, we help monitor campaigns.

Social media does not affect your SEO rankings directly; however, having a solid social media presence does contribute to building brand awareness, loyalty, and exposure.

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