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Our ERP Development Services

Our custom ERP development services offer automated solutions that help optimize functionality and enhance workflow

We at axiusSoftware are proficient at developing customized ERP systems from the ground up as well as modifying existing systems to integrate tailored solutions that improve efficiency.

From the supply chain to distribution and sales, our services give you total control over important facets of your company!

Customized ERP Development

axiusSoftware offers highly customized ERP software development services that are ideal for automating essential business processes and providing comprehensive data-based insights across multiple platforms; mobile, web-based, and on-premise!

ERP Application Development

We build ERP applications with a combination of features to suit your company’s needs using cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our experts have mastered both best-in-class and best-in-breed ERP application development which can be operated on all existing platforms.

ERP Data Migration Services

We recognize the significance of keeping data-integrity intact while repositioning it from existing ERP systems to a new one. Our experts ensure flawless data migration by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and time-tested methodologies!

ERP consulting services

There can’t be a monolithic ERP solution that can be applied to all businesses. Our experts examine your organization’s missions and visions to help you develop the most effective ERP development strategy for you!

ERP system upgradation

Do you feel that your ERP program needs an upgrade? Don’t worry! Our experts carefully examine the current state of your system, the key criteria for the upgrade, and the areas that need customization to revamp your old software.

ERP Extension and Plugin Development

With additional features, functionalities, and modules, our specially created extensions, and plugins help your customized ERP system improve operational efficiency.

ERP Implementation

If an ERP solution is not implemented accurately, even the best ones will not produce the desired results. While maintaining the data’s integrity, our ERP implementation service handles the full deployment of servers, networks, and data-management tools.

ERP Integration Services

Our ERP integration service allows you to link your ERP system with external systems, fostering improved communication between them while significantly enhancing the customer experience.

ERP System Configuration

Our experts assist you in configuring segregated roles, business intelligence fields, modifications, and so on to ERP software to improve the functionality of your system! The newly added features will undoubtedly make your life easier!

Customized Dashboard

Our team of UX/UI designers uses cutting-edge design tools to create an attractive, interactive, and handy dashboard that allows you to manage all the essential business operations and generate a fantastic customer experience.

Managed Service

Application management takes up time that could be spent on more pressing matters. Your ERP system will always be supported, managed, and monitored by our ERP-managed service professionals. Additionally, they will be able to identify, resolve, and avert issues before they arise.

Functional ERP Modules We Develop

Functional ERP Modules We Develop

Considering the nature of your business, we develop the following functional ERP modules to enhance the efficiency of your operations:


Resource allocation planning, scheduling, and control are included in the modules. We may also include sub-modules for testing and product life cycle.

Supply Chain Management

Modules serve you with sourcing, procurement management, vendor management, contracting, and inventory management.

Human Resources

From the process of recruitment to payroll, learning and development, attendance, and request management, our compact Human Resource Module does it all for your organization!

Finance and Accounting

This module’s features include billing automation, accounts payable and receivable tracking, and financial analysis and planning.

Sales and marketing

Our sales and marketing modules offer you the most effective service, from managing customer orders and interacting with customers to running data-driven marketing campaigns and gaining visibility into the sales dynamics.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The main characteristics of this module are the capabilities for tracking, evaluating, and improving the performance of each business division through detailed data analysis and visualization.

Knowledge Management

Building a central knowledge bank supported by an effective search engine, classifying knowledge, and sharing knowledge are all included in our knowledge management ERP module.

Our Process

Our ERP software development processes take important project requirements into account and offer you reliable post-deployment support. We adopt a four-step approach in our development process. Let us list them here:

Considering the requirements of your business

We firmly believe that when it comes to ERP solutions, every organization requires a unique approach. Therefore, before making any design decisions, our experts conduct a thorough analysis of the nature of your company and its goals to help us serve you better.

Creating a Comprehensive Design Plan

Once we have understood the demands of your business, the next step is to create a blueprint that includes even the tiniest details of the ERP development process.

Creating and Implementing the ERP program

The cornerstone of our development process is this step. Our experts from various fields work together in this phase to carry out the plans created in the previous phase.

Deployment and Post-Deployment Support

We sincerely believe that in a dynamic business environment, an organization needs constant support once the ERP solutions are developed and deployed. Our team of experts is always there for you to resolve any potential issues that may arise in the post-deployment phase.

Why Do You Require A Customized ERP System?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems help organizations of all sizes streamline and automate processes by leveraging a suite of integrated applications. This leads to a more optimized database and inventory management, resource tracking, reporting, data sharing, and a comprehensive information system. Choosing optimized ERP development companies like axiusSoftware gives you access to efficient management without increasing overhead costs like IT or staffing.
Here is a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits of using an ERP system.

Increase your overall efficiency

Being able to integrate, optimize, and streamline processes and ERP systems adds agility to your organization and helps achieve better efficiency. Most businesses need to understand how outdated software and manual spreadsheets are slowing them down before it is too late. Switching to an ERP system allows you to get all your information in one place, enabling a more data-driven work environment with accurate reporting.

Save on additional costs.

Implementing an ERP system helps you cut down on additional staffing and IT costs. The initial cost of an ERP system comprises the ROI of integrating a more efficient, data-based, optimized system into your business.

Enhanced security and accessibility

Embrace the future by choosing to move your ERP to the cloud. Actively reduce risk and hardware costs while allowing your business to scale and upgrade faster.

Accelerate your business growth

To keep it simple and short, an ERP system can help you eliminate wasted time and resources while identifying inefficiencies, which allows your business to resolve pain points and grow faster.

Accelerate your business growth

To keep it simple and short, an ERP system can help you eliminate wasted time and resources while identifying inefficiencies, which allows your business to resolve pain points and grow faster.

Immediate Results

You will be able to see immediate effects after the implementation of an efficient ERP system.

Tailored ERP Solutions for a
Connected and Efficient Future

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all in the dynamic landscape of enterprise resource planning. Our commitment is to craft customized ERP solutions that seamlessly integrate into your business, fostering connectivity and efficiency across all operations.Step into a connected and efficient future with our tailored ERP solutions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed considerations for evaluating whether your organization would benefit from an ERP system, such as complexity, growth, and process inefficiencies, are required to be discussed and decided.

An in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of custom ERP development versus adopting a commercial ERP software package, including factors like customization, cost, and scalability, needs to be conducted along with business requirements to arrive at the right decision. We at axiusSoftware, will help guide and consult you on this process.

An exploration of the typical technology stack used in ERP development, including back-end technologies (e.g., Java, Python, .NET), databases (e.g., Oracle, MySQL), and front-end frameworks (e.g., Angular, React).

Comprehensive information on implementing security measures, data encryption, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR. We will guide you through.

We need to consider an itemized breakdown of ERP costs, including software development, hardware, licensing fees, training, maintenance, and ongoing operational expenses.

We need to come up with strategies for integrating your ERP system with legacy systems, external software (e.g., CRM, e-commerce platforms), and APIs, along with tips on managing data flow and ensuring compatibility. Our team at axiusSoftware will professionally help you in your entire journey.

We will formulate detailed steps for planning and executing data migration, including data cleansing, mapping, and validation, to ensure a smooth transition to the ERP system. Our technical team will work hand-in-hand with your team to achieve the end objectives. 

Recommendations for designing a user training program, communicating changes effectively, and addressing employee resistance to new processes and technologies are the keys to success. 

Insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring ERP system ROI, and tracking improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction are some of the factors to be considered. Our team at axiusSoftware will lay out the details for you.

A detailed discussion of the need for customization to align the ERP system with unique business processes, along with considerations for balancing customization with software updates and maintenance, is essential with the key personnel of the client in order to come up with a detailed document, both functional and technical.

Our technical experts will assist you in developing strategies for designing a scalable architecture, using cloud-based solutions, and selecting ERP software that can adapt to changing business needs.

Reflection of Our Commitments

Our teamwork, dedication, and positivity drive us to envision a change for the benefit of all and to make a difference.

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