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Connecting your organization or your brands and services with Chinese consumers through WeChat-based solutions helps to develop & deepen the digital relationship. We guide you through this entire journey, from setting up the WeChat service or subscription account to increasing your follower base and launching different WeChat solutions as per your business requirements and needs.

We serve as a one-stop WeChat service provider in China, providing end-to-end solutions right from strategy and execution to implementation.

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    Technologies We Work

    Our Engagement Models


    Fixed Cost Projects

    • On time
    • On budget
    • Proven quality

    Combine Hiring

    • Pay as you go
    • Multiple capabilities
    • Real time
    • Single POC

    White Label Outsource

    • Flexible
    • Confidential
    • Integrated and full services
    • Dedicated project manager

    Full-Time Hiring

    • Capacity building
    • Scaling up
    • Onshore and offshore
    • Extended team

    Outsourced Product Development

    • Ideation
    • Design and Development
    • Re-engineering
    • Product support and maintenance

    Offshore Development Center

    • Fully managed team
    • Complete transparency
    • State-of-art infrastructure and process
    • Partnership approach

    Navigate The World of Wechat With Ease

    With our expertise in developing WeChat-based solutions, let us guide you to navigate the WeChat universe of endless possibilities to target your Chinese consumers. Seamlessly blend social interactions with technological innovation.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    WeChat development involves creating custom applications, mini-programs, and features that integrate with the WeChat platform. WeChat is a popular messaging app in China that offers a wide range of services beyond messaging, including e-commerce, social networking, and more.

    WeChat Mini-Programs are lightweight applications that can be accessed directly within the WeChat app without the need for installation. They offer a seamless user experience and are often used for various purposes, such as e-commerce, games, utilities, and more.

    WeChat Mini-Programs are primarily developed using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    To get started with WeChat development, you’ll need to create a WeChat Official Account and register as a developer on the WeChat Developer Platform. This will provide you with access to the necessary tools and resources for building and managing your applications.

    WeChat Official Accounts allow businesses and individuals to create an official presence on the platform. They provide features like broadcasting messages to followers, setting up menus, integrating with Mini-Programs, and accessing analytics.

    Yes, you can monetize WeChat Mini-Programs through various methods, including in-app purchases, advertising, sponsored content, and e-commerce transactions.

    To publish a WeChat Mini-Program, you need to submit it for review on the WeChat Developer Platform. The review process ensures that your Mini-Program complies with WeChat’s guidelines and policies.

    WeChat Pay is a mobile payment service integrated with the WeChat app. You can integrate WeChat Pay into your Mini-Program to enable users to make payments for products and services directly within your app.

    Promoting your WeChat Mini-Program involves leveraging your existing followers on WeChat Official Accounts, utilizing social media, offering incentives, and providing valuable content to attract and retain users.

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