How is ML Re-imagining Education with Adaptive Learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems

June 8, 2023

Adaptive Learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems have taken accessibility to tailor education to a whole new level. Of the many industries that have been impacted and transformed by machine learning, the education sector is the one with the most outreach.

Adaptive Learning uses AI and ML algorithms to personalize education experiences for children. It adapts to the specific needs of a learner, rendering it the name “Adaptive Learning”. On the other hand, Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) take on the role of a human tutor. It guides and provides feedback to learners like a real tutor.

These accomplishments are recent additions to the education technology (ed-tech) sector. These technologies have the ability to transform the educational landscape, improve learning outcomes, and increase learner engagement. We at axiusSoftware, are committed to developing AI/ML/IoT tools that enable learning and improve ways in which education can be made easy and more accessible.

Why Do We Need ML to Revolutionize the Education Sector?

Traditional methods of education are becoming less effective with each subsequent generation. The one-size-fits-all approach to education neglects the diverse needs of learners with varied backgrounds. Researchers have already hailed AI and ML-based educational tools as groundbreaking innovations, especially in the STEM field.

Revolutionizing Education: How ML Tools Are Changing the Educational Landscape

  • Learners with diverse learning styles, paces, and abilities are now being educated beyond the rules of a standardized curriculum.
  • Disengagement, lack of motivation, and knowledge is decreasing through the implementation of customized learning approaches for each learner.
  • In a typical classroom environment, it is not always possible to maintain a peer-to-peer feedback loop between the instructor and the learner. But with AI and ML tools such as Adaptive Learning and ITS, personalized feedback is provided on a priority basis.
  • Emergent teaching techniques, skills, and knowledge sharing are becoming an integral part of ML tools in education.

Other than the ones listed above, ML can help make education accessible to a broader section of society. Access to teaching methods and knowledge, otherwise limited by social or economic factors, can now be obtained easily through Adaptive Learning & ITS.

Unlocking the Potential of Adaptive Learning. What Is It Exactly?

Adaptive Learning is a data-driven approach to education. It is a personalized method of imparting education that gives information and instruction tailored to the unique learning needs, preferences, and development of the learner.

Algorithms and real-time data are used in adaptive learning to chart out the learning path, content, and pace for learners. Alterations are made in response to the learner’s performance and mastery. To achieve this, statistical machine learning is mostly used.

The objective of AL is to provide learners with a need-based and interesting educational experience that maximizes their learning potential and encourages continuous development.

Here’s How Adaptive Learning is Helping Learners in Real Time

  • AI and ML algorithms drive adaptive learning. These algorithms use data and feedback from the learner to identify patterns, preferences, and performance metrics.
  • Based on these performance metrics, adaptive learning identifies and prompts the learner to focus on specific areas that need extra attention.
  • Adaptive learning then fosters engagement, motivation, and a deeper understanding of content beyond the boundaries of conventional education.
  • Machine Learning approaches are also leveling the playing field in terms of accessibility to quality educational content.

These factors combined, Adaptive Learning is one of the most potent and effective AI and ML driven approaches in Education. With the power of machine learning gaining constant momentum, we can expect it to progress even further.

How “Intelligent” Tutoring System is Turning Tables in Education

ITS shares distinct similarities with Adaptive Learning. Adaptive Learning provides personalized and customized educational content already. But ITS has the added advantage of being able to integrate into it.

Developed along the lines of Adaptive Learning, ITS operates upon a profound knowledge base or domain model encompassing the subject matter fully. This provides ITS with a superior know-how of the subject matter, including the distinct ability to conduct assessments based on statistical machine learning systems.

How Intelligent is the Intelligent Tutoring System?

  • ITS stores information regarding a student’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses in their version of the student model. Based on that, their learning preferences are identified.
  • ITS includes a user interface that students use to interact with the system and an expert module to provide the rules and techniques of instruction.
  • The system analyzes student responses and behaviors to adapt the content and provide personalized instruction accordingly. It offers tailored feedback, guiding students towards the correct solution and addressing misconceptions.

All of these have become a possibility now thanks to machine learning and its ability to process and store vast amounts of data. Statistical machine learning allows both Adaptive Learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems to take a varied approach, with ITS going the extra mile to conduct assessments in itself.

Machine Learning and Education Making Dreams Come True.

With the rapid growth of machine learning and its resultant technology tools, Education is more widely accessible than before. The use of adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring systems in education has the power to completely alter the way students are being taught at present.

Tools such as ITS & AL can give students a well-suited, efficient, and effective learning experience that will certainly improve their learning outcomes.

With this spirit in mind, we at axiusSoftware are determined to research and develop AI/ML/IOT tools that will help make the world a better place. Be it any sector, our goal is to reinvigorate existing systems with the required infusion of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. For more information, check our website today!