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We provide inventive business solutions by harnessing the power of Beacon/iBeacon and BLE technology.

We provide excellent customer experiences that contribute to a company’s success by assuring operational simplicity and greater customer engagement. We have a thorough knowledge of Beacon App Development solutions and have worked with ecosystems to maximise impact.

Beacon app development

Our location-based systems, navigation & maps, indoor positioning systems, sensors, and discount notifications help our clients boost business efficiency and stay ahead of the competition in their respective domains. We offer customized iBeacon app development solutions that are specific to your business requirements in order to provide an enhanced user experience that is interactive and communicates effectively

What Is Beacon?

Beacons are small wireless devices that broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. It is a small radio transmitter that can broadcast data over a short distance via Bluetooth. These signals can be picked up by nearby smartphones and other compatible mobile devices. They use these signals to determine the device’s proximity to a beacon, as well as its relative location to other beacons in the area.
Each beacon consists of a unique identifier which is formed of letters and numbers. The beacon ID is sent out many times per second. When this signal is received by receivers with Bluetooth turned on, the receiver’s software shows the content related to each unique ID. A phone serves as the typical receiver, and a mobile app serves as the software.

How Does Beacon Work?

  • The beacon sends out a constant radio signal.
  • Via Bluetooth, The nearby devices detect the signals
  • The signal tells your smart device “I’m here” by giving its ID Number.
  • This ID Number is sent to the cloud server by the smart device.
  • The server checks what action is assigned to the ID number and then responds to it.
  • Now the app displays the relevant content.
This indicates that beacon app creators must register their beacons on the server that the app connects to.

Why Use Beacon Service?

Beacon mobile apps for Industry Development

We deliver excellent customer experiences that promote the success of businesses by streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement. We have extensive experience with Beacon Application Development solutions and have partnered with various ecosystems to create maximum impact.

Integrity & Transparency

We employ the agile methodology and regularly conduct scrum events in order to optimise our procedures and processes and deliver the best results.


In order to provide you with a wonderful BLE beacon experience, we can seamlessly connect your infrastructure and devices.

Comprehensive Service Funnel

The extensive services funnel offered by iBeacon contains a number of rich elements that contribute to the provision of benefits including interactive campaigns, new clients, and connections with clients at all pivotal times.

Mobile Applications Based On Beacon

The use of mobile apps enables businesses to communicate with clients at key stages of the purchasing process, collect heat maps of customer activity, and draw in new customers as they pass by the store. By offering personalised content and niche bargains or offers, mobile apps can also aid in boosting consumer loyalty and brand exposure.

Solutions Offered By beacon App Development

  • Shopping Applications
  • Utility app development
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Personalized Alerts Solutions
  • Reliable Vehicle Tracking App
  • BLE- Based Pet Tracker Apps
  • Location-based Applications
  • Smart iBeacon Museum Apps
  • Document Transfer Applications
  • Highly-Secured Payment Services

The Procedure Of Beacon Mobile Application Development

Gathering Of Requirements

The beacon app development process begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. When it comes to the services for developing beacon apps, this is very significant. Understanding the client’s requirements helps us better devise a plan to design a solution that is tailored to their particular requirements.

UI/UX Design

Our UX/ UI development services are reliable and user-friendly, delivering an optimal experience for your users while also ensuring an attractive front end for your app.


Now it’s time to start prototyping the app according to the client’s objectives and the designers’ vision for the finished product.


After the finalization of the prototype, we move to the next stage where actual development takes place. It is where the actual beacon app development process starts.

Quality Assurance

Once the development stage is finished, the next stage that follows is quality testing and quality assurance so as to ensure that the application is error-free and working properly.


The last stage in application development is the deployment of the application for the end user and finally marketing of the App.

Benefits of Beacon Application Development

Highly Secure

While BLE devices mostly have security issues, the beacons available on the market nowadays are highly secure.

Proximity Estimation

Beacons are good at determining distances based on the received signal strength.

Customer Insights

Beacons help you get accurate customer insights, thus helping you customize the experience for your customers.

Wide Variety

The market is filled with an astounding variety of beacon devices. Thus, you must have more control over your device.

Top Industries using Beacon App Development

  • Social Media
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Food
  • News & Events
  • E-Learning

Our Beacon Application Offerings

Robust Navigation

Our solutions, which give users access to a fully working mobile application for indoor navigation and wayfinding, make excellent use of beacon technology. We can meet all of your demands, from big offices to shopping centres.

Cross-Platform Apps

Our skilled team of programmers and designers is well-versed in all the internet-based platforms, including Android and iOS, and creates iBeacon applications that are multi-platform compatible and have cutting-edge features and functions.

Push Notifications

You can increase in-store sales and build customer loyalty with the aid of our beacon technology-based solutions. Customers can receive quick offers and discounts as they go into your store or pass by.

Interactive Tours

We provide specialised iBeacon apps for art galleries, museums, cultural attractions, etc. When a person visits one of these locations, data (text/image video) is sent to the visitor’s phone so they can learn more about the location or a specific event in depth.

High-Tech Automation

Whether at the house, the shopping mall, the workplace, or any other commercial location, our beacon-powered applications automate everything. We want to create these Beacon-based applications that would elevate the user experience for customers.

Education And Classrooms

We’ll improve the education sector using our solution. With the use of our beacon-based solutions, students can simply find their way across campus without a map, access particular bookshelves and information, and improve their in-class experience.

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