5 E-commerce Trends to Focus on in 2023

Dec 22 2022 Focus on 2023 Top Notch E-commerce Trends

Omnichannel: Over 75% of users search multiple channels before buying a product. Focus on Providing flexible fulfillment In-store inventory In-store associates AR and other immersive technologies

Sustainability: More than 50% of consumers value sustainability more after the pandemic. Every business should focus on sustainability when it comes to products, packaging, and shipping.

BOPIS: Buy-Online-Pickup-Instore has become fiercely popular and is predicted to become more than a $700 billion market by 2027. Making fulfillment convenient for customers, BOPIS helps build customer loyalty and sales.

Personalization: Personalization has already become a major deciding factor for brand loyalty. More than 60% of customers become repeat customers based on a personalized shopping experience.

Subscription Commerce: If you want to drive retention and revenue, this is the way to go. Over 30% of weekly online shoppers use subscriptions.